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Teacher Biography

I am a pianist, teacher, accompanist, and church musician. Passionate about teaching, I believe every student should receive a music education of excellence. It is my goal to provide my community with a high quality of private piano lesson instruction. 


I received a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Piano Pedagogy from Maranatha Baptist University in 2011 and received my national teaching certification through MTNA later that year. Throughout my college career, I was involved in various music groups, traveling ensembles, recitals, and special musical events. I currently accompany for instrumentalists, vocalists, choirs, and occasionally perform solo for church events. I taught private lessons and early childhood group music classes throughout college and began teaching in my home studio in 2014. 


I greatly enjoy teaching, as I believe that promoting a spirit of life-long learning as well as an enjoyment and love for music in the lives of others is an extremely rewarding task. I feel comfortable working with a diverse level of ages and enjoy interacting with each age group. Having lived overseas for a significant length of time, I feel I have a well-rounded cultural understanding and world-view, which greatly adds to my teaching and involvement in Fine arts. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my teaching field and to personally impact and enrich the lives I come in contact with in the future.

Lesson Information

My ultimate goal as a music teacher is to develop life-long musicians who make music and appreciate music-making by others for the remainder of their lives. It is my desire to equip each student with an understanding of music theory, to give them a strong technical and rhythmical foundation, and to help each student learn how to intrepret repertoire musically. Each lesson incorporates theory, technique, repertoire performance, and a fun music-learning activity. Students have private weekly lessons throughout the year, as well as group lessons every other month.  They have the opportunity to perform for friends and family at the year-end Christmas recital and can participate at local competitions and festivals for extra musical experience. 

We learn about.... 


musical expression


scales & technique

By means of...


Private weekly lessons 


Group Lessons 


Tuesday-Friday 12:00pm-8:00pm

​Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm


5723 Grassy Bank Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46237


Tel: 920-285-9466

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